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9. How to display the infomation(name etc.) when the winning number is drawn out.
Here is a demo, , you may learn something from it. (Click here to show the demo)
8.How to use the Gift?
Here is a demo, you may learn something from it. (Click here to show the demo)
7.We want not to show all the bits of a number, can the gift do it?
Yes, you may set the bit mask in the "design mode". (Click here to show the demo)


6.How the change the backgroud picture?
You may set the background picture in the "design mode" of every prize level easily, the gift will switch the background picture smartly.


5.How to show the company informations when the gift run?
You may add the informations on the backgroud pictures or SWF File.


4.Should the winning numbers be pulled out agin?
No, every number have a chance to be the winning number. So before you start the official prize draw, you must clear the winning numbers you drew out in the testing.


3.I want to stop all symbols on the screen to the Zero, can I do?
No problem, please set this option one "ohter options".


2. How do I increase the numbers of the symbols on the screen?
The Gift can set the numbers of the symbols on the screen automatically according to the raffle numbers. So, the only thing you should do is to fill the raffle numbers correctly.
1.How to run this software in PowerPoint?
Please do so:

a. Open PowerPoint;

b. Launch VBE (Alt+F11). Insert a new module into the project;

c. Type the line given below:

Sub RunGift()
ChDrive "C" 'The driver of the Gift.exe
ChDir ("C:\Program Files\Gift") 'The installed path of the Gift default
Shell ("C:\Program Files\Gift\Gift.exe") 'The full path of the Gift.exe
End Sub

NOTE: You must change the driver and path of the Gift.exe to you actual path and driver.

d. Now close the VBE, First create an object. Next, right-click on the object and choose Action Settings from the resulting shortcut menu. In the Action Settings dialog box, select the Mouse Click tab and select the Run Macro option in the Action On Click area. "RnGift" will appear below the Run Macro option button. Click OK to apply the action setting. Now choose View | Slide Show to run your slide show. Click on the object to view the result.



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